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Holiday Table Reveal

A few weeks ago I blogged about our last Christmas table decoration and I was very confident I could reveal this year's to you in a timely manner. I failed! Well, for starters, we had to rent 14 feet worth of table and 16 chairs as we were hosting quite the holiday crew this year, hence posting about it before Christmas would have been impossible. Secondly, I don't know about you but, since I am doing all of this by myself (the blog I mean), between online shopping, hosting house guests, making homemade gift this year (post coming soon), making homemade pasta for 16 AND taking care of a 4 year old, I simply didn't have time to sit down to write a post.

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A Boy's Room

When I was a little girl, my room design was the result of all the pieces of furniture my parents no longer wanted for themselves. My room was full of antique furniture and oh so boring for a blossoming teenager. At the age of 12, I finally asked to decorate my own room. All white is what I wanted! My parents were cool about it and took me to a furniture chain store in town. To my horror, they did not have any white bedroom sets. I was crushed, but I couldn't risk my parents changing their mind so I went

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