Style Talk: Luisa Vona

Next up on my Style Talk series is Luisa Vona, the creative force behind "Italien Bag".

Luisa and I worked together in New York in 2006. Back in Rome 3 years later, she started a family and created her own handbags brand in 2014. Luisa has been successfully selling her bags  throughout Europe even since. I sat down with her in NY, where she and her daughter are spending part of the summer.

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Why did you choose handbags?

A bag is the epicenter of a woman's world. From sunglasses to emergency kit, lipstick to business cards, a woman's purse can tell a lot about her and her life. Plus, a woman can never have too many handbags!



Who is the "Italien Bag" woman?

She is elegant, a dreamer and a bit Rock'n'Roll. A cocktail of femininity, practicality and uniqueness. 


How did the name "Italien Bags" come about?

I wanted the name to be simple and to the point. Bags, made in Italy, handmade and with quality fabrics. The star is my favorite symbol, so I knew it had to be part of the logo.



Who did you look up to for fashion growing up?

I didn't have many fashionable people around me as a child, but I was nonetheless always attracted to beauty and fashion. I bought fashion magazines and was in awe of the 90's supermodels. Their posters were plastered in my room. I modeled for a few years in Rome and then moved to NY where I eventually landed a job in the offices of Fendi. 



How would you describe your personal style?

I like to mix it up, depending on my mood, but if I had to describe it in a few word: Boho chic with a touch of Rock'n'Roll! 

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Heals or Flats: - Heels

Short or Long: - Long

Sporty or Sexy: - Sporty

S/S or F/W fashion: - Spring/Summer

Dress or Pants: - Dress

Red or Pink: - Pink

White or Black: - Black

Patterns or Plain: - Plain

Bright or Neutral: - Neutral

New or Vintage: - New

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You can find out more about Luisa and her line of bags by following her on Instagram @italienbags or on Facebook @italienbags